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I really want to do a workshop I see in your calendar, but I'm not available during that time, what can you do for me?
Give us a call. Schedule permitting, we'll be happy to schedule the workshop at a time that is more convenient for you. 


I saw a workshop you did last month but I don't see it on your calendar this month, is there a way I can go in to do a workshop done in the past?
Yes! Give us a call and we'll be more than happy to schedule you in for a workshop you don't see in our calendar.


I've signed up for your next Paint Your Pet event, can I bring my pet with me with day of the event?
While the idea of having a bunch of happy furrbabies running around the studio sounds so amazing, we unfortunately cannot predict how everyone will react with each other. Pets are not allowed in the studio at this time.


I've signed up for your next Paint Your Pet event, what's next?
Thank you, we can't wait for this awesome event! Make sure and e-mail a few good pics of your pup and we'll take it from there. We'll use our fave pic from there to pre-sketch your canvas before you come in. All special requests should be noted in the e-mail sent with your photos.

Do your workshops start right on time? What if I'm running late?

While we do encourage everyone to get here on time, we try and give a few extra minutes for late attendees to make their way in before we start. If you're running late, we'll help you catch up. Anyone who is more than 15 minutes late is encouraged to call the studio for advice on whether to re-schedule or not (depending on the workshop we're working on).

Can I take food and drinks to my workshop/party?

Please do! We encourage you to bring whatever you'd like to munch on and drink while you create at our studio. We have a refrigerator, microwave, wine glasses, and cork screws at your disposal. Planning for a party? We'll have extra tables ready for you to decorate as you wish with props and food.

I want to have a party there, but I want to make something I don't see in your gallery page, can you do that?
Yes! While we don't copy other artists work, we'd be more than happy to come up with our own version of what you're looking for. Contact us and we'll guide you through what is needed to make your dream party come to life.

I've registered for a workshop but I can't make it, what is your cancelation policy?

We require 24 hours notice for workshop cancellation and two-week notice for party cancellation and will provide credit only. Same day re-schedule requests will incur a $15 fee. No refunds.

I have multiple children and I want them all to work on a workshop together. What would I pay?
We charge for every piece made. If you'd like them all to work together to make one piece, we will charge for that one piece only.

Can I sit with someone even though I'm not registered to do the workshop?
Yes! Join your loved one in creating their piece, or just chill there and be an awesome cheerleader for them. The fee is per piece made, not per person.

I want to sign myself and my kid up for a kids workshop, can we each make our own piece even though it's a kids workshop? Would there be a difference in fees?
Yes! By all means schedule yourself with your littles and create something together! The price does not change, you will be charged the same for each piece you create.

I want to bring my kid with me to an adult workshop, is that allowed?
Yes! Not a problem we would be happy to have your little one join you. We would like to just give you a heads up that we do allow alcoholic beverages in our adult workshops. Our adult workshops are also a little more advanced that our kids workshops, so if you'd like them to create something, they will need the guidance of an adult.

I want to come in for a workshop, can I just show up or do I have to register online?
In order to best prepare for our guests, we'd prefer if you'd register ahead of time online before you come in, even if it's the same day. If you don't have access to our website, go ahead and give us a call to check availability and register via phone.

I went to a ceramic workshop, how long will it take for my piece/s to be ready for pick up?
We can't wait for you to see the awesome piece of art you've created! Pieces usually take between 4-5 weeks before they are ready for pick up. Busy times such as Summer, after winter and Spring break pieces can take a bit longer. As soon as they are out of our kiln, we will be sending a text to let you know it's time! When possible, we will also update our Clay Status page so if you'd like to see if you could save a call, go ahead and check it to see if you can find your class in there. If it has been over 6 weeks, please do give us a call so that we can further answer why the hold up.

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