Clay Handprints
  • Clay Handprints

    Bring in your Teeny Weeny Crafter to create your own ceramic piece to remeber their little hand and foot prints <3 Pick your colors and glaze your work as a final touch! Get hands on experience, a little dirty, and create something all while having fun at Hands In Art Studio!

    Becoming one with clay: Slab Pottery This lesson will provide students with an initial, successful experience with slab ceramics. In our slab pottery workshop, students will learn the basics of how to roll out a slab, along with cutting techniques to create different shapes. Students will glaze their work using different painting techniques as well.. Pieces will be left to air dry and bisque in our kiln and will be ready for an in-studio art exhibit two – three weeks later. Learning Outcomes: Students will: • Learn how to be sensitive to the nuances of shaping clay with just their hands. • Learn how to create a three-dimensional, rounded pot-form from clay. • Learn how to use clay in an appropriate manner. • Have an enjoyable, successful review of hand-built clay work • Demonstrate their skills in creating and finishing a three-dimensional pot out of clay. • Develop an understanding of the hand building technique called pinch potting and coil pottery. They will build these and be able to discuss the process having learned ter-minology associated with the workshops. Feel free to arrive 15-20 minutes early to get checked in, snacks out, and apron on! Our studio has a seating area perfect for mingling with friends before our workshop gets started, and a store front boutique with handmade items available for purchase! This is a NON BYOB Workshop, but you are encouraged to bring your fave drinks and snacks to enjoy while you create art! Reservation is required in order to guarantee your seat. Workshops that do not meet our minimum required reservations may be cancelled. Registrants will be notified via email used to reserve their seats 24 hours in advance. Registrants may choose to use their reservation credit for another worksho
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