Principles of Drawing | Dec 28 - Jan 20
  • Principles of Drawing | Dec 28 - Jan 20

    Wednesday & Fridays | December 28th - January 20th | 7 - 9pm
    This course is an introduction to traditional principles and contemporary techniques in drawing.  Students will gain a greater working knowledge of line, shape, perspective, proportion, volume, value, rendering, perspective, light, shadow and composition.  This course will also introduce narrative ideas, collaborative projects and conceptual art techniques. Materials will be supplied.
    Student Learning Outcomes: 1. Draw proficiently with a variety of dry media, including graphite pencil, charcoal & Conte crayon. 2. Create drawings that successfully demonstrate the expressive and experimental characteristics of line, composition, value, texture, and spatial illusion, including linear and atmospheric perspective. 3. Create drawings that successfully evaluate and respond to historical, contemporary, multicultural, and interdisciplinary materials, concepts, and approaches in drawing. Concepts: Line, gesture, and contour. Value. Light & Shadow. Linear Perspective (including one and two point). Space, scale & measuring Composition (including unity, harmony, balance, and negative space). Texture. Line quality, render, contour drawing, sketch and hand-eye coordination. Other Classroom Information : CLEAN UP IS REQUIRED AFTER EACH CLASS. Keep your working area clean. FOUL LANGUAGE will not be tolerated & student will be terminated from class. - NO REFUNDS.
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